Abelift is a portable electric recliner designed to outfit your bed and make it adjustable. From laying down to sitting upright, find your optimal position at the simple touch of a button. Abelift keeps you comfortable to read, watch TV, or sleep at an incline.
Instantly upgrade your own bed for a fraction of the cost of an electric bed!

Abelift is very easy to install, it comes fully assembled so you can have it set up within minutes - no tools required!

3 easy steps to install your Abelift


Position the Abelift on your bed and secure it with the provided strap


Cover the profiled foam mattress with the fitted sheet and place it on the Abelift


Plug into the wall. Your Abelift is ready to use!

Users' testimonies

"Thank you Abely for creating such a simple and brilliant idea, the Abelift really helped me after my surgery. It's extremely comfortable and I love that it's portable and can be moved from the bed to the couch." 
Suzy A., New York

"The Abelift is very comfortable and so easy to use."  
Lilian H., New York

"What a great product! Even my kids use it when they have a cold and want to sleep with their head elevated."  
Jeanne M., New York

Your adjustable recliner

Convenient and comfortable

  • Abelift fits on any bed and on either side - no need to change your furniture or your bedroom layout
  • Its profiled memory foam mattress is extremely comfortable; it fits over the metal frame to deliver maximum comfort, even over long periods in bed
  • Its compact frame and its very quiet mechanism do not disturb your partner
  • Its low profile makes it easy to blend in the bedroom decor and to ‘disappear’ under the blankets or the comforter
  • Enjoy the benefits of the Abelift every day or use it as needed: when recovering from a surgery, during rehabilitation or to ease congestion during cold season
Abelift - Convenient and comfortable

Easy to carry

Abelift is fully portable and can be used around the home and when traveling, for a weekend or on an extended vacation.

Abelift - Easy to carry

User friendly for all

Abelift can be operated by the user or by a caregiver. The easy-to-push buttons on the handset are easily activated, even by arthritic hands. By providing assistance in transitioning between positions (standing, sitting, laying), Abelift helps address the concern of caregiver safety.

Abelift - User friendly for all

Designed with independence and dignity issues in mind

Abelift empowers users with limited mobility or low upper body strength by allowing them to independently adjust their position from lying to sitting in bed (and vice versa) at the touch of a button. In its fully raised position, Abelift also provides the support to help transition to or from a vertical position with limited efforts.
Click here to learn more about getting in and out of bed using Abelift. Abelift also allows the user to sleep in his/her own bed: a better alternative to bulky recliners and hospital beds.

Abelift - Designed with independence and dignity issues in mind


Abelift allows you to sleep with your head and chest slightly elevated.
It can also be positioned at the foot of the bed to elevate your legs.